I’m a writer. My debut novel, Psychomachia is out now (Wrecking Ball Press, 2021). I started writing professionally as a teenager on magazines, I’ve since received awards for BBC radio, indie film, copywriting and was honoured to be the final editor of the legendary British arts publication, Ambit. The first book I had published was for Red Gallery in 2014, and the second was a collection of my lyrics and poetry since 2007, Now is Now (Cold Lips, 2020). I also made chapbooks I’d sell at gigs doing poetry. I will be sharing an audio version of Psychomachia to paying subscribers here soon, where I also share essays, thoughts, and news about recordings, radio, tours and publishing I do as Cold Lips, which grew out from the old Sylvia Plath Fan Club nights I used to run in Shoreditch, London, which explored the space between lyric and poetry. I’m fortunate to have performed internationally, as a DJ, poet and artist, and have my poetry films show in festivals and galleries. I’ve been working on a screenplay with Bill Drummond and am working on other books, but I share ideas here. Thanks for reading. x

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I’m a writer. The support I receive here is massively appreciated. x