TRICKY with Cold Lips' editor Kirsty Allison


I’ve been lucky to interview Tricky three times. The first, he opened the door to a flat, opposite Sketch, in a white dressing gown, and more smoke billowed out than Howard Marks' green room. After that, I did a radio piece for the BBC, which involved him driving a golf buggy all around the back of a festival before flaming up the stage with a performance more hypnotising than any other I’ve been lucky enough to witness from the side of the stage.

His new book Hell Is Around The Corner is splendid. It's rare to meet iconoclasts on the level of the man born Adrian Thaws, whose mother died of suicide/epilepsy at 4 - and his life’s been as wild since. It’s an honour be infected by people like this. I hope you enjoy this as much as I did.


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