From the desk of Kirsty Allison
Modern Poetry

Modern Poetry

They are here. Forward!

200 first editions. Signed and numbered.

Poetry since 007. Foreword by Malik Ameer Crumpler.

“At risk of being accused of damning her with faint praise I’d contend that Kirsty Allison is the greatest cultural beacon this planet has produced.” Irvine Welsh

“Kirsty Allison’s poetry traverses a haunted landscape where magic is entwined with the mundane, romance embraces horror, and the vulgar cavorts with the sublime. At the heart of this collection of vivid verbal panoplies, Allison’s perspicacious evocations radiate warmth, humour and a gentle but unwavering intelligence.” Jim Sclavunos, Bad Seed, musician and writer

I’m running to the Post Office soon as the bookmarks arrive through the cottage industry door - if you’re not a paying subscriber, just get one on Cold Lips. Also, if you have allergies to online payments - we can set something else up.

I will be reading from the collection on a livestream with Cold Lips and Gallery 46 London, for this night of Modern Poetry at the Neurotitan Gallery on 30 September 2020 in Berlin (7pm local time). Tickets are strictly limited.

The night features a rare reading from Rob Doyle, author of my favourite novel this year, Threshold, and Kieran Leonard, of Saint Leonard, reading for the first time from his novel A Muse.

It is part of my forthcoming artist/writer-in-residency support to Danielle De Picciotto's GESAMTKUNSTWERK show at Neurotitan Gallery, Berlin,  12 September > 03 October aside Gil De Ray.

If you have time to listen, I hope you enjoy our conversation recorded in February 2020 at Danielle’s studio in Wedding, Berlin, when Cold Lips released Martyn Goodacre's Whos Fuckin Planet book to accompany his exhibition as Das Gift.

Thanks for reading. x

From the desk of Kirsty Allison
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