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I started this in lockdown, and it’s a beautiful way of communicating undiluted, away from the Noise of Everywhere else.

My main site: kirstyallison.com - I’m an author, started as a journalist at 19, went back to university after DJing around the world, presenting on late-night television which no one saw, fortunately.

Music: vagrantlovers.bandcamp.com

Cold Lips: coldlips.co.uk

Since beginning this, I took a job as the third editor of Ambit, the seminal literary magazine. My new energy doubled-readership and we received record-number submissions, promoting Poems, Stories, Art. Sadly that came to an end, so I’m now writing and doing more paywall pieces because it goes towards coffees.


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Kirsty Allison

One becomes established, and no-one sends you a letter.